Principal Investigator. MIT CyberPolitics & Global Dynamics Lab, 2018–.
Principal Investigator. CyberIR@MIT: Knowledge for Science, Policy, Practice, 2018–.
Lead-Principal Investigator. Analytics for Cybersecurity, 2018–. Sponsor: Science of Security & Privacy Program, US Department of Defense.
MIT-Principal Investigator. Multilayered Approach to Assessing the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks, 2014–2016. Sponsor: MIT-MIST Program.
Principal Investigator. Explorations in Cyber International Relations, 2009–2014. Sponsor: Minerva Research Initiative, US Department of Defense.
Associate Director. MIT Technology Development Program including capacity building at Cairo University and other institutions in developing countries, 1975–2018. Sponsor: USAID.
Founding Director. Global System for Sustainable Development, 1998–.
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