Select Scientific Activities

Boston Tech Hub Faculty Working Group, Harvard University, 2019–.
Founding Board Member of Artificial Intelligence World Society, 2018–.
Board Member, Boston Global Forum, 2017–.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2015–.
Council of Scientific Society Presidents Committee on Creative Heuristics Enabling Strategic Success (C.H.E.S.S.), 2015–2018.
Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France, Carbon Promenades, August 2015.
Scientific Advisory Committee to World Social Science Report (WSSR), 2013.
Science Board, Santa Fe Institute, 1995–2001, and 2012–2018.
Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of UNESCO Program Management of Social Transformation (MOST), 2009–2014.
Working Group 3, UN-ICT,Preparations for World Summit on Information Technology, 2001–2005.
Contributor to US Academy of Engineering study on Information Systems and the Environment 1997, published in 2001.
Panel Member, DARPA-National Academy of Sciences Committee on Understanding Terrorism in order to Deter Terrorism, 2001–2002.
Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, SCOPE-ICSU, 1998 .
Special Advisor to the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program, 1994–1996.
Advisory Board, Global Stewardship Initiative, Pew Charitable Trust, 1993–1995.
Advisor to the Secretary General for United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, 1990–1992.
Member, AAAS Committee on Population, Resources, and the Environment Chair, Working Group on International Aspects, 1990–1992.
Convener and Session Organizer, International Political Science Association, 1984–1985.
Planning Committee, International Scientific Forum on Energy, 1983–1988.
Advisory Committee, Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress, 1982–1983.
Board of Directors, Pathfinder Fund, 1981–1983.
Council Member, American Political Science Association, 1981–1983.
Panel for 1979 U.S. Conference of Science and Technology for Development, National Research Council, 1977–1978.
International Advisory Committee, World Population Society, 1976–1977.
International Social Science Documentation Committee, 1976–1978.
Advisory Committee, Developing Guidelines of Research on National Resource Problems, 1973–1974. National Science Foundation.
Co-Chair, Middle East Workshop, 1973–1974. National Academy of Sciences.
International Committee of Advisors, Population Issues, 1972–1974. National Academy of Science
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