Thesis Supervision

PhD Thesis

Name Dissertation Title Department Source
Amin, Tahir* Rise and decline of ethno-national movements of Pakistan: domestic and international factors Political Science Link
Ashley, Richard K. Growth, Rivalry, and Balance: The Sino-Soviet-American Triangle of Conflict Political Science Link
Bennett, James Pacey* Perpetuating Failure: Security Practices and System Transformation of Southern Pacific Transnational Politics 1830-1905 Political Science  
Brecke, Peter Kevin Modeling Migration to the Arab Gulf States: Computer Simulation of Development Processes Political Science Link
Bryant, Thomas A. Big Dam Politics: A Hindsight Evaluation of Large Multipurpose Water Projects Political Science Link
Cohen, Matthew S.* Beyond Theory: Applying Emperical Evidence to Cyberspace Theories Northeastern University, Political Science Department Link
de Castro Santos, Maria Helena Alcohol as Fuel in Brazil: An Alternative Energy Policy and Politics Political Science Link
Ferraro, Vincent The Political Dynamics of International Resource Cartels: Case Studies of Petroleum and Copper Political Science Link
Fiddaman, Thomas Scott* Feedback complexity in integrated climate-economy models Sloan School of Management Link
Haas, Peter M. Dishonorable Discharges: International Collaboration for Mediterranean Pollution Control Political Science Link
Hart, Craig A.  The private Sector's Capacity to Manage Climate Risks and Finance Carbon Neutral Energy Infrastructure Political Science Link
Hazbun, Waleed  Between Global Flows & Territorial Control: The State, Tourism Development, and the Politics of Reterritorialization in the Middle East Political Science Link
Inoguchi, Takashi* Wars as International Learning: Chinese, British and Japanese in East Asia Political Science Link
Kawk, Taeshin S.* Nuclear non-proliferation regime effectiveness: an integrated methodology for analyzing highly enriched uranium production scenarios at gas centrifuge enrichment plants Nuclear Science & Engineering Link
Ogban-Iyam, Ogban The Nigerian Iron and Steel Industry 1960-1980: A Case Study of Problems of Technology Acquisition and Development Political Science Link
Ozeroff, Harry Advocacy Groups versus State Power: Creating Global Politics of the Environment Political Science Link
Pollins, Brian Michael The Political Economy of Trade: A Computer Simulation of Contending Regimes and the International Division of Labor Political Science Link
Rodman, Kenneth Aaron Permanent Sanctity versus Permanent Sovereignty: The Evolution of United States Policy Toward the Expropriation of Raw Material Investments in the Developing World Political Science Link
Rosberg, James H. Roads to the Rule of Law: The Emergence of an Independent Judiciary in Contemporary Egypt Political Science Link
Russell, Sharon Stanton* Uneasy welcome--the political economy in migration policy in Kuwait Political Science Link
Sewel II, Jesse Horton* Finding Order in Contentious Internet Engineering Systems Division Link
Smith, Dale L. Linking the Foreign Policy Process to International Action: A Formal and Empirical Analysis of Policy Dynamics Political Science Link
Sundgren, Jan Matias Private Regimes and Legitimacy: The Politics of Self-Regulation in Liner Shipping and International Standardization Political Science Link
Trepetin, Stanley* Privacy in Context: The Costs and Benefits of Deindentification Method Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Link
Van Wicklin III, Warren A. Private Voluntary Organization as Agents of Alternative Development Strategies Political Science Link
Wickboldt, Anne-Katrin Does it Take One or Two to Tango?: Language Skills, Physical Appearance, and Immigrant Integration in Germany Political Science Link
Yamakage, Susumu* Regional integration in the developing world : ASEAN in a new perspective Political Science Link
Zhu, Hongwei* Effective Information Integration and Reutilization: Solutions to Technological Deficiency and Legal Uncertainty Engineering Systems Division Link

*Committee Member


International Theses

Name Dissertation Title Department Source
Personne, Marion* Contribution à la Méthodologie d’intégration de l’environnement dans les PME-PMI: Évaluation des Performances Environnementales MINES Saint-Étienne: Une école de I’IMT Link
Truffa, Stefania* Le Tecnologie Dell’Informazione e Della Comunicazione e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile Università degli Studi di Torino  

*Committee Member


S.M. (Masters) Thesis

Name Dissertation Title Department Source
Gaurav A Matrix based Integrated Framework for Multi-disciplinary Exploration of Cyber-International Relations Engineering Systems Division Link
Baker, Brian Lee The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Role in Reconstruction of Kuwait: A Case Study and its Implications for Future International Missions Civil & Environmental Engineering Link
Bareño, Leonel Pérez State Autonomy and The Colombian Oil Industry Political Science Link
Berry, Rebecca Lynn* Reading Contamination: An Environmental Education Center at the Wells G&H Superfund Site Architecture Link
Borrero Mutis, Santiago The Impacts of Labor-intensive Roads in Colombia: A Framework for Analysis, Research Design and Preliminary Test Political Science Link
Carey, Elizabeth Ann The Dilemmas of United Nations Peacekeeping in the Post Cold War Era. Political Science Link
Deber, Raisa Rebecca Sarah Berlin International Political Behavior: Historical Analysis of Scandinavia and the Netherlands Political Science Link
Dominguez, Ricardo Mario The Paradoxes of Industrial Strategies: Neoliberal Reform and State Intervention In Argentine Industry From ISI To Martínez De Hoz Political Science Link
Emmons, Charles Edward The United States Foreign Service, A Personnel Model Political Science Link
Funk, Karina Information Networking as an Instrument of Sustainable Development: The Photovoltaic Example Civil & Environmental Engineering Link
Haghseta, Farnaz Saboori Information Technology and Sustainable Development: Understanding Linkages in Theory and Practice Technology & Policy Program Link
Haraldsson, Vignir Mar.  The value of Knowledge Networks: Conceptual Framework in Application to Sustainable Production Political Science Link
Holcombe, Robert* Development of a Bayesian Network to Monitor the Probability of Nuclear Proliferation Nuclear Science & Engineering; Political Science Link
Huang, Biao Global Knowledge Network Technology & Policy Program Link
Lebling, Peter David An Interactive Statistics Package for the Social Sciences Political Science Link
Lee, Leebong Sustainability Standards for Biofuels: Analyses of the Current Standards and Recommendations of the Future Direction Technology & Policy Program Link
Levin, Jeremy Ben Markets for Energy Efficiency--Development, Challenges, and Opportunities: An Analysis of the Joint Impacts of Regulation and Market Forces on Efficient Residential and Commercial End-use Equipment Civil & Environmental Engineering Link
Lim, Shung Yar Global Knowledge Networking for the Multinational Enterprise Technology & Policy Program Link
Liu, Wenyun  Winning the Competitive Edge in the DRAM Market: A System Dynamics Analysis Political Science Link
Lofdahl, Corey L. Relationships between Aggregate Human Activity, The Environment and Global Politics: A Computer Simulation Political Science Link
Malek, Ilham Moussa The Development of the Informatics Sector in Brazil: Technology, Politics, and Economics Political Science Link
Mansur, Kashfia Human Resource Development in Jordan: Problems and Perspectives Political Science Link
Mc Hugh, Gerald Paul State Collapse: Causes, Dynamics and Linkages to Conflict Political Science Link
Mistree, Dinsha  Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence in World Politics Political Science Link
Al Noaimi, Ahmed Saleh* Bahrain's Competitiveness in the Aluminum Industry Sloan School of Management Link
Ogura, Shin-Ichiro A Review of Select Issues Relating to Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries Political Science Link
Priaadi, Yudo Dwinanda Strategic Assessment of Indonesian Technological Policy: An Analysis from Technology Triangle Framework Sloan Management School Link
Al Qassim, Abdul Razak Abdulla Hassan* The Future of Bahrain as a Financial Center Sloan School of Management Link
Raghavan, Amrith Re-engineering Knowledge Networks for Development Technology & Policy Program Link
Rosberg, James Howard Indebted Democratization: Lessons from Egypt Political Science Link
Starr, Jeffrey Michael The Prospects for Defense Cooperation in the Persian Gulf: Saudi Arabia’s Continuing Search for Security Political Science Link
Theodorou, Jerry Political Risk Analysis Political Science Link
Toya, Hiroki Comparative Analysis of Patent Policy: Technology Acquisition and Technology Protection Political Science Link
Tsuen, Gloria Kai* The Role of the Military and the Success of Democratization: The Case of South Africa Political Science  
Vitalis, Robert James Egypt in the Nineteen Thirties: Roots of the Transition to What? Political Science Link
Wickboldt, Anne-Katrin The Effect of Property Rights Protection on Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution: A Cross-sectional Time-series Analysis Political Science Link

* Committee Member


B.S. (Bachelors) Thesis

Name Dissertation Title Department Source
Coffey, Christine Marie The Chlorine Issue: A New Opportunity to Expand the Role of Science in Environmental Policy Formation Political Science  
Kooistra, Russell Dirty Money: The Effect of Environmental Regulation on FDI Political Science  
Laird, Michael William A Dynamic Feedback Theory of Political Value Change Political Science Link
Lichtman, Scott P. Enhancing the Design of a System Dynamics Model for "Lateral Pressure" Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Link
Lien, Leigh Anne The Bush Administration's Management of the Media During the Persian Gulf Crisis Political Science  
Masri, Khaled S. Modelling Lateral Pressure: United States, China and Israel Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Link
Najia, Chafic F. Lateral Pressure: Modelled for the United States, U.S.S.R., and Japan Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Link
Nasrallah, May Strategic Plan for a New Research and Education Institution in the Middle East Political Science Link
Nazemi, Kevin Sina Ariel Sharon and a Two-State Solution Political Science  
Ortiz, Carlos Geographic Information Systems and Geopolitics: A Proof of Concept for Information Visualization in Political Science Research Political Science  
Poosanakhom, Pisit National Profiles and Characteristics Mechanical Engineering Link
Sidiqi, Samuel Dean Energy Decisions in Egypt Political Science; Economics