Select Projects

Principal Investigator for Collaborative Research Projects

  1. Principal Investigator. "Analytics for Cybersecurity." Science of Security & Privacy Program, National Security Agency. US Department of Defense, 2018–
  2. Principal Investigator. "MIT/Harvard Project on Explorations in Cyber International Relations." Minerva Research Initiative. US Department of Defense, 2009–2014.
  3. Associate Director of MIT Technology Development Program for capacity building at Cairo University and other institutions in developing countries, 1975–1986.

Synergistic Activities

  1. Research Program, CyberPolitics@MIT. 2018–
  2. Interactive Knowledge System, CyberWorld. 2016– (system update in progress).
  3. Co-Principal Investigator, A Multilayered Approach to Assessing the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks, MIT-MIST Program, 2014–2016.
  4. Founding Director, Global System for Sustainable Development. 1998–